Happy Birthday In Heaven Cousin

Dear Cz,

Song-Dancing In The Sky

Happy Heavenly Birthday Cz  , Today is April 5 your first birthday in heaven, you would be 54 today. I know you are celebrating with family and friends that passed on before us and the angels and our Lord, how happy you must be. Your body is healed and your soul is singing joyfully.

I am going to celebrate you today, yesterday I could not get you off my mind and Tom and I spoke and laughed about all the fun times we had. You introduced us just over 25 years ago. Man time flies by. I will be visiting your grave  today and yes i will be bringing the coffee. I miss you so much and talking to you every day,  but today isn’t about me it’s about you. And I know you would not want anyone sad on your birthday. So I am going to celebrate you and be grateful for the time I had you in my life, as we were more than cousins.

I cannot promise I won’t cry or miss you.

HBDheaven Cz

Some may find it hard to celebrate today you see we are selfish because we loved and are missing you so much.  Like the other days that have gone by since you passed, this one hurt almost as much as the day you passed away. I woke up this morning positive my heart was going to feel a deep sadness , but you made sure that didn’t happen you visited me again last night.

This is your first birthday not here and there will be many firsts , it’s  the first birthday in my entire life that I didn’t talk to or see you physically, or sharing a birthday coffee with, or seeing you open your gift and hearing you say oh Debbie you should have bought yourself something instead of spending money on me, then you would give me a big hug and kiss and tell me you love it and tell me you love me. So I will have to come visit your grave and just be grateful you were in my life and these flowers are my gift for you.

Do you know how much I miss you?  How not a day goes by where I don’t think of you or talk to you ? Well we said it enough we were more than cousins we were also like sisters and we were best friends. I think you do, because you keep coming to me in my sleep and hugging me like you did last night, but last night was different you told me you need me to let others know you are with them too and they need to get on with living.

Every time you come to me we hug , give our hello smooch, then are sitting on this same beautiful rock in this amazing garden. I have never seen anything so pretty.

You say you are better than okay and then voice your concern about others who aren’t taking your passing so well. And you give me these messages to relay.

You tell me about a feather, the Angel feather, a sign of faith and protection and it comes via your Angel telling you that all loved ones in heaven are safe and well. Or that your family will keep seeing the same numbers over and over, it’s you letting them know you are more than okay  you are healed and with always them.  You tell me that you are using this as a way to tell everyone you are okay. And yes even the pennies from heaven are from our loved ones.

You want family to know your spiritual presence is always there. And to let go of the grief and stop stressing and live your lives to the best you can. And to take care of themselves , their health especially and not dwell on things that are not good.

You tell me how our loved ones do hear our thoughts feelings and emotion’s, its sent through energy. When we  think of them they know it. And that’s why we will see the same yet different signs. We will even smell them suddenly , their cologne . Just respond hi I know it’s you, because are loved ones are near.

You stress that I already know these things because I am so smart  haha and  I have a long energy connection but others don’t understand because it’s new to them and I have to let them know .

So I promise I will write about it ,better and not as sloppy as i wrote all you said at 3am so everyone can read it. We are not to be sad any longer,or angry, we have to now work on moving past the grief  and we must be encouraged and relaxed knowing that our loved ones are happy, healthy and with our Lord and there is nothing to fear and someday we will all be together again.

As you then try to explain the afterlife to me and the beauty you describe seems incredible, you tell me you all have jobs and that you cannot wait to get yours. You tell me how good my parents are and the rest of the family and they have amazing jobs. You mentioned lassie also greeting you when you arrived in heaven as did the entire family, and you keep saying you didn’t know why you was nervous to get there. You tell me one final thing that you need me to do and I tell you anything …. you say meningiomas and I ask what about them, you say to me do what i do best and you say I will figure it out. I say okay.

Then you tell me you must go now. We stand, hug , smooch and say I love you. And just like that I woke up.

I will celebrate your birthday today and I will be happy that you are in a place that’s of peace and love and beauty and no disease.

I Love You Cousin

Until We Meet Again

Love Your Cz



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Song – Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum


Songs we would listen to and play the air guitar to  ❤

Free Bird – by Lynyrd Skynyrd – The song we would sing as loud as we could in the car on our travels ❤


Hotel California – Eagles


Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire


While My Guitar Gently Weeps originally by the Beatles But I like this version as it has all our favorite artists in it


Landslide – Stevie Nicks


November Rain – Guns N Roses


The Sounds of Silence – by Disturbed


Original Sounds of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel











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