We Are In Charge of Our Day

Do you know why people are negative? Always pissed off?Have a BAD attitude? You know why they are always like this?

Because it’s so much easier to be upset and angry and judgmental than it is to be happy.

Everyday I wake up happy and I choose to be happy everyday.

Sure I get frustrated by things and people.

But it’s not going to throw a wrench in my mood or day.

It used to. I have become in charge of me day.

Many years ago I was becoming more pissed off than happy.

And that was because how I reacted to others comments.

No longer will I give others that much power.

I am in charge of my day, my mood my success or lack of.

I became a happier person when I started to live mindfully and gratefully.

Do you agree?

Here are my steps:

1. Start changing your mindset.

2. Decide you are going to be happy and successful.

3.Don’t allow others to interfere with your success ,joy,inner peace and happiness.

4. Have a routine and stick to it.

If you are a student study everyday at the same time.

If your a sales person make your calls at the same time .

If you are a patient advocate- blog or make your calls at the same time .

If your not sure what your life path is yet….get off your ass get out of bed ,everyday make your bed,walk exercise and pray …..yes pray. Take 5-10 minutes to tell God what you are thankful for and say a prayer he shows you the path to take. Now you have to be open to receive it.

5. Start, and do not quit. When you choose something it’s easy to get distracted if we allow that. Instead…focus and push forward regardless. When it gets hard focus more. Do you know how fast a year goes by? If you keep stopping and starting the time will be gone and you will be in the same position.

Instead make a plan stick to it and get it done. Before you know it you have completed the task and your goal is accomplished. Now make a new goal.

Just stick to it.

Don’t think it’s hard or a chore and get all pissy about life.

Everyday get up that god you woke up and have the opportunity to do something amazing.

Choose to be HAPPY -And make it a GREAT Day.

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