What happens inside the body with covid19

The short on covid19 and what happens inside the body

It happens when someone infected with covid19 lets it out via a cough or sneeze

You can’t see it- but the droplet makes it’s way into someone else say their nose eyes or mouth

The virus

It can find its way deep inside the lungs. And hides and invades the cells in the air sacks in the lung.

They then high jack our cells machinery and uses our own body to replicate and grown more invaders , that tips off our immune system saying hey!!! Somethings wrong send help.

So the body sending in white blood cells to fight off the infection- but this causes the infection and now inflammation to produce pneumonia .

Which is fluid building up inside the air sac inside the lungs and this can become severe -So severe it can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

ARDS is the reason many will lose their life .

So please wash your hands often, keep them away from your face , cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow.

Better yet- Stay home.

Stop thinking it won’t happen to you.

Because you may be near someone who is infected and has no symptoms at all they you bring it home to a child spouse or elderly parent or grandparent.

Stay home 15 days

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day.

Deb Andio.


Cleveland Clinic


Phone is also attached to link of reference.

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