Covid19 And Our Diet

Many are now staying at home both voluntarily and involuntarily to help prevent the spread of Corona virus.

This virus has disrupted our work day, exercise routines and nutrition patterns for most people.

Unfortunately some have, in an effort to “stock up just in case”, resorted to purchasing low quality , high sodium shelf sustainable items.

Don’t allow your health to tank out on garbage food.

It is important to remember getting regular daily exercise at least 20 minutes and eating fruits, vegetables, whole unprocessed grains and beans, and healthy fats such as raw nuts, seeds and avocados is the key to maintaining a healthy gastric microbiome and a healthy immune system capable of defending against viral attack.

Filling the body with processed white flour foods, sugars, oils, sodas and alcohol will increase inflammation and reduce the body’s ability to defend against viral attack.

The grocery stores are still filled with produce and whole grains. Stay calm, buy enough for a week at a time and help support your immune system with your lifestyle.
There is no need to rush and hoard food or anything else.

As always make sure you rinse or soak your veggies with a light vinegar and water mix and rinse well.

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