Meet Brotha Anthony

This is Anthony Glover and he is a an inspiration and sets a standard that all men should measure up to.

He is the founder of Useful Hands PHX it is an outdoor program designed to empower young men while on their journey to Manhood through hands-on introductory skill training.

From Car care to cooking to pitching a tent to gardening to using a drill etc…

Anthony Glover, simply known in his community as “Brotha Anthony,” is a Phoenix, AZ native. He has made his presence felt in his community through spoken word poetry, event hosting and mentoring of young men with “Fight For Life, No Excuses” Manhood Training Program located in South Phoenix.

He is also the Program Director of “Thunderbirds On The Rise,” a mentoring program for male students of TG Barr Elementary, also located in South Phoenix.

Brotha Anthony desired to find another unique way to connect with and guide young men on their journey to Manhood, especially as it pertains to creating great use and value with their hands.

Ultimately, he envisioned Useful Hands PHX and has plans on teaching young men for many years to come.

This is a fantastic idea, So many young men today don’t have a father figure to look up to and some that do have dads maybe they don’t know all these life skills either.

I find this to be a wonderful idea that can help so many young’s men learn life skills they will always use.

Maybe you could be a volunteer or start your own

To learn more or to donate see link below

Useful Hands phx

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