The Gallbladder

That small organ that releases bile to aide in digestion is a great thing until it becomes angry, very inflamed and turns on you repeatedly no matter how much you change your diet.

When it’s ok the fritz it’s pain all pain.

A bad gallbladder is like a organ from hell.

I recently had gallbladder removal surgery thank God!!!

I am so glad I did : it took way to long to get it removed, but I think after age 55 doctors must be afraid your gonna die on the operating table so they order every test known to man as a prerequisite to having surgery.

In the meantime I’m suffering every blasted day, afraid to eat for fear of another attack. This shit has been honing on since August 2020 and I am glad I am now post op.

I apologize for being not as active but the pain was just more than I can take on top of the every day pain I live with from bone and joint issues. But thankfully I am now on the mend and I will be seeing you all again soon.

Stay tuned.

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