Juvenile Inflammatory Arthritis and Sleep

I don’t know about you but when I don’t sleep well, I don’t function that great either and I’m an adult, now imagine how a child feels.

Sleep is so important not yo just our physical health but also out mental health.

Now imagine being 5-8-10-15 years old kids that need sleep so their bodies can unwind after all they are still developing.

A good night’s sleep helps them to behave better, pay attention in school, retain information, and be active.

Kids who live with juvenile arthritis have many challenges that can interfere with sleep.

Pain can cause you not to be able to sleep and when you can’t sleep you have more pain. It’s like a vicious cycle.

It can be difficult to get children to chill out and calm down for bedtime when they are healthy. But it can be extremely challenging if they suffer from chronic pain.


The role of sleep in Juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients and their caregivers

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