Surviving the Holiday’s with Arthritis & Chronic Joint Pain

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle belling🎄🔔
And everyone telling you be of good cheer
It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶

Ahhh the holidays can bring a lot of extra stress for anyone. Family and family visiting, extra cooking, cleaning, shopping, gift wrapping, putting up decorations, making sure the lights on the tree are good, taking down all the decorations and the cost of everything has risen, parties to attend, seems like the list can go on and on.

But when you are dealing with chronic pain, the amount of stress that is put on your body is increased dramatically.

You want your holiday season to be a time of love, laughter, and cheer, not a time where your chronic pain is taking over.

So how can you manage your chronic pain best during the holiday season? Here are a few tips to keep your chronic pain in check.

The Most Important Thing is to Pace Yourself

Everything seems to be moving so fast around the holidays, except the lines we stand in. So when dealing with chronic joint pain, you have to remember that if you don’t pace yourself, you might regret it later. I am guilty of this. There is a day I feel great and I try to get it all done, bad move on my part, because I know later I will wish I would have paced myself.

So maybe try making yourself a well-paced calendar before the holiday season starts, to give yourself realistic goals of when you need to have certain things completed such as shopping for gifts, decorating, and cooking meals. This will allow you to still get everything done but not hurt yourself in the process.

When you are making these lists, be sure to schedule plenty of time for resting, relaxation, and YOU time! Self-care is so important and we often leave it out, especially during the holidays. I also think talking to your adult kids or spouse or whomever about helping and delegating some things to them. Example you shop for the gifts and they wrap them for you. If you make the main course or a few dishes delegate someone else to make or bring a pie, or side dish. Your body will love you.

Shop Online When You Can

Shopping online has become so easy, I love it and when you shop online you don’t have to worry about walking a mile to get to your car in the snow or stand hours in long lines and having lots of pain later. Shop on line or small business. The just walk the mall without the pressure and stress.

Exercise Regularly

While holiday preparations and celebrations may fill up your schedule, finding time to exercise is essential to managing joint pain. As they say motion is lotion.

Avoid Those Inflammatory Foods

It can be challenging to maintain a balanced diet with so much holiday food. Certain food and beverages may increase your body’s inflammation and exacerbate joint pain. For example, wine, beer cheese, and organ meat have high uric acid levels in them. Avoiding these foods can help prevent joint pain flare-ups. Especially a flare of gout.

Here is my Newsletter that I prepared for my arthritis connect group with more tips and suggestions to help make the season a bit less painful.

Link to Newsletter

Wishing You and Your Family

Merry Christmas, and A pain-free Holiday.

Andy Williams The most wonderful time of the year

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