Join My New Clubhouse Room

All Things Arthritis

Having been diagnosed with osteoarthritis at age 34, and osteonecrosis after an injury to the knee in 2014 at age 51. I started advocating for everyone living with joint pain.

I started a new room /house on Clubhouse and want to get the message out if you live with any for of arthritis,osteonecrosis or are a care giver you are welcome to join the link below.

I will change the time once I get an audience.

This platform will not just be a safe space but it will be informative, have guest speakers and experts on occasion. And any information on the topics discussed will be found in this blog on the day of the clubhouse meet.

Hope to see you there !!!

Since late stage Osteonecrosis leads to severe osteoarthritis I feel they are under the same umbrella although different in some ways and the same in other ways. 

Link to join The Clubhouse New spot

All Things Arthritis with Deb Andio

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