12 Days of Self Care

12 Days of Self Care

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it dozens of times, the holidays are stressful and often pretty crazy! Shopping for presents, baking, decorating,visiting relatives, spending lots of $ we don’t often have. attending the company Christmas party, or going on vacation, it can all get overwhelming.

Sad but all that can make it easy to forget the real reason we celebrate.

As we get the perfect gift for someone, or search for someone who has everything, there is one person you probably forget about each and every year…. YOU

Yes I said it !! Yourself!

There were times in the past I remember being way too stressed and couldn’t enjoy myself fully.

I don’t do that anymore. I would spend my last dollar and charge the rest making sure everyone got what they wanted.

I forgot all about self care.

Below you’ll find over a dozen ways to take care of you and I’m hoping you try to put some on your to do list

You matter!!

1. Put on a clay facial mask I like cetaphil clay mask

2. Watch your favorite comedy tv show while you cook. Laughing can make that pile of dishes go by much faster.

3. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or golden milk and just relax with no tv even for 15 minutes.

4. Make it an event – invite friends and family for a gift wrapping party. Put on facial masks, play some music, have some yummy snacks. You’ll get your presents done but more importantly, you’ll get to spend a little time with your loved ones.

5. If you can afford it there is the cleopatra led therapy facial mask.

6. Write in a gratitude journal at the beginning or end of each day during the holidays.

7. Take a few minutes alone in your car before shopping to just breathe and center yourself..

8. Make a list before shopping so you don’t stress out about what to buy. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted shopping in the blind.

9. Buy something small for yourself while you’re shopping. A lip balm in a new journal or wallet.

10. Get a facial or a massage after shopping or after the holidays.

11. Treat yourself to a good cup of tea, espresso coffee, kombucha, or your favorite drink. Make sure it’s a flavor you really love or try something new and indulgent!

12. Drink water, especially when you’re feeling stressed out. Hydration can only help to calm you down.

13. Eat a small piece of your favorite candy or chocolate.

This year, please make a real effort to take care of yourself so that you can truly enjoy the holidays.

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