Goals Over Resolutions

So it’s a New Year : Happy 2019 I stopped making resolutions and I now aim for New Years goals Why goals? That’s pretty simple – because goals are more specific, whereas resolutions tend to be vague. Goals are much more actionable, which is what makes them more effective for me. How can you turn... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year 2019

You being offended is offensive

I cannot believe that people are insisting on songs old songs now be banned from radio. Or cartoons and holiday shows no longer air. Why do people read so much into everything today? Is our society that sensitive? And really they are lyrics to a song!! Have you ever heard some other lyrics? From say... Continue Reading →

The Holiday’s Remembering Self Care.

Holidays I love them and kind of dread them. My family is in a different state so it gets more lonely. I miss seeing them open their gifts, I also miss cooking for a crowd. But I have chronic bone pain from Osteonecrosis,Osteoarthritis, Spondylolisthesis and Hashimoto. And I know that holidays can be so overwhelming... Continue Reading →

Saint Nicholas Day

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Saint Nicholas of Myra.(Now called Turkey) He was born in the village of Patara in Lyrica, Asia Minor, about the middle of the third century. His parents were extremely wealthy and devout Christians who raised him to know, love and serve God. Nicholas’ parents both died when... Continue Reading →

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