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Happy New Year

Being an advocate for bone and joint pain and personally living with osteoarthritis osteonecrosis and spondylolisthesis pain .

I saw our community struggle in new and ways besides living and dealing with daily pain.

People suddenly couldn’t access routine care because of lockdowns, fear and added anxiety.

They became more isolated than ever before. They and their family members faced job losses and financial hardship.

As an advocate for arthritis and a facilitator for my local LIVE YES Connect Group, I had to cancel or postpone in-person programs and events.

But on the plus side we went virtual on Zoom

Some members and their families faced added strain, whether dealing with virtual school or safety concerns for loved ones in nursing homes.

It’s a year most are happy to see come to an end.

But as a person with pain, I am always compelled to find silver linings. Even in the mist of challenging of times.

In 2020, I got to travel to Washington D.C participate in a focus group and then speak on Capital Hill.

I met some fantastic people from our state representatives to other leaders and advocates who work so hard to create a strong support system for so many causes and conditions.

I got to stay in a great city and tour the beautiful historical city of Washington D.C

We made great strides in accessibility, as health care system finally embraced telehealth and more companies allowed remote work.

Many disabled now gave hope to possibly getting a part time job working from home now because we see it is doable.

We seen a President work tirelessly to get pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine quickly that will be safe for the USA and world.

We gave witnessed the power of science and innovation with the development of promising treatments and vaccines.

We saw our neighbors and communities come together to support one another in their time of need.

Despite the news only showing negativity there was a lot of positive happening.

2020 shown how resilient we are. And to never lose faith. Be grateful for everyday.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring;

I’m hoping it will be a fantastic year.

I just want to Thank you for your support, and following me on IG, Blog, and all social media platforms I promise to bring you current and uplifting information in 2021 and I wish you all a safe, healthy, prosperous and happy new year



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Bombogenesis and Joint Pain

I’ve heard a lot about Bombogenesis, it’s a popular term used by meteorologists, occurs when a midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. A millibar measures atmospheric pressure.

Remember your great-aunt used to to say she “feels” a storm coming on, she was probably predicting the weather with some accuracy. You probably laughed.

But now you know exactly what she meant.

Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere that surrounds us. Barometric pressure often drops before bad weather.

Lower air pressure pushes less against the body, allowing tissues to expand. Expanded tissues can put pressure on joints and cause pain.

Arthritis and joint pain affects everything within the joint, including the lining and ligaments.

All of those tissues have nerve endings that can feel changes in the weather, which may result in tightness, stiffness, and some discomfort.

So if you plan to be active in cold weather or high altitude, warm up first with stretching exercises and wear appropriate clothing

The Arthritis Foundation published a study from Tufts University in 2007 that found that every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an incremental increase in arthritis pain. In addition, low temperatures, low barometric pressure and precipitation can increase pain. Researchers are not sure why weather changes cause pain, but suspect that certain atmospheric conditions increase swelling in the joint.

As for weather-related pain, it hurts, but it’s only temporary. Your joints should return to normal as soon as the barometric pressure increases and the temperature goes up. Your great aunt may be able to predict calm weather, too, as she feels less joint pain.

Song of The Day : California Dreaming Mamas And Papas

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Give Thanks To Our Creator

Often in pictures of the pilgrims someone is usually praying and giving thanks.

Think about how you have been blessed this year and all the years in the past. Because you have been blessed.

Psalm 100 :1-5

Shout joyfully to the lord all the earth serve the lord.

Give thanks to him bless his name

The lord is good

Faithful to all generations

God is faithful to us all,even when we are not as faithful to him.


In spite of all I have been through in my life I am grateful and thankful for everything I have gone through, good and not so good because through it all I have learned one thing.

God will never leave me. I am never alone.

I take time to give my thanks to God throughout the day.



It seems like it gets less and less recognition every year.

Where is it in your heart?

It’s on the calendar but it seems like we go from Halloween to Christmas.

We are forgetting to give thanks to God our creator ,for our life , our job, grateful for knowing god, grateful for seeing you through so much and never leaving you. The source of all our blessings.

We seem overlook all that is precious to us, and the source of all our blessings .

The world is changing and not always for the better. Sure we have better technology, drug treatments for some illnesses but people? Mmmm so many seem to have lost the light in their soul or don’t know it’s even there. Some instead of being grateful focus on things that are negative and it’s interfering with gods blessings.

We moan and groan about everything.








Don’t pray

We can’t have a nativity scene,we can’t pray in school, and it seems we can’t even remember to give him thanks on thanksgiving.

Here are a few reason why we need to give him thanks everyday and especially on thanksgiving.

Think about the impact of thanksgiving on our life.

Thanksgiving keeps us continually aware that we are walking in his presence which contrived to living a godly life.

Reasons For Giving Thanks

1. Give Thanks as we are walking with God. He has never left us. We may have left him but he is and always will be there for us. We must show him gratitude.

2. Everything that happens in our life is for a purpose. It should motivate us to look for his purpose in everything that he allows in our life.

3. Helps us seek out God in suffering , pain and loss. Loneliness is a horrible feeling… but Jesus is always there. He will never leave us !

4. Reminds us we need god in our life. We are dependent on God. We need him every day ,all day. We often overlook what is most precious.

5. Of all the things we need to be grateful for is that we have Jesus in our hearts so we need to live a life of goodness.

Do you ever just thank god you got home safe today?

Or thanks that we are able to buy food to eat and nourish our body?

We often over look what is most precious, and focus and dwell on negativity.

Stop asking god why did you allow this to happen to me.

No one lives an easy life.

So just stop and thank god everyday.

Whatever your struggling with he is there with you.

I can’t always understand why things are happening in my life. It’s not his obligation to explain it but he is there to see you through.

So I find joy in the lord in the midst of suffering. And he always sees me through.

God gives me peace when I become anxious or worried. If you get bad news in a friend or family member remember, Jesus said my peace I give to you.

Learn to thank him for everything and anything going on in your life. You have been blessed.

And he will always see you through the good and not so good even when we don’t understand what’s happening in our life, give God thanks for seeing you through.

The apostle Paul knew all about suffering but he writes about the glory of God.

If your wondering where god is ….. he is right there inside you. Ask and he will always see you through.

And give thanks in everything going on in your life.

Have faith it will be ok.

And live as if your prayers have been already answered. I know sometimes life can become weary, It can cause us to lose hope , lose faith

No matter who we are ,where we are never forget god loves us. He is always our perfect hope.

So this thanksgiving give thanks to God for everything happening in your life. Yes…..everything

Today, as we gather with friends and family or if we’re eating alone for Thanksgiving, may we always remember that it is only by the grace of God that we live in a land of plenty. Together, may we give thanks to the Lord, the Source of all good gifts.

May you have a blessed day and I pray everyone reading this has a fantastic blessed day and that they know God you are right there where you always have been , right there with us.

Show us how to live a life of thanksgiving, work in our hearts today and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Take Time To Give Thanks

Anyone getting nervous about how the calendar keeps slipping into another holiday season?  I sure am. I’m certainly not ready for the extra stress that often comes with the holiday season. Now don’t misunderstand me , I love , love , love the holidays but man the days are flying by, stores are already crowded and lets be real when you have a chronic condition extra long lines are a kill joy……and painful.

It’s hard to believe its November 2nd  already. With Halloween over everyone seems to rush to Christmas, have we forgotten about Thanksgiving? It seems we go from Halloween to Christmas…. Mmmm what about Thanksgiving?

It’s just one of the times of year we are to pray and give thanks, that’s why George Washington declared Thursday 26 November a day of thanks and prayer back in 1789.

It had nothing to do with the pilgrims.

It was to give thanks.

In 1939 President Franklin D Roosevelt agreed to move Thanksgiving to the 3rd Thursday of November….Why did he do this you ask? Then of course instead of giving thanks he got so much opposition that it was  later changed to the fourth Thursday of November.And do you know why?

It was to help make the Christmas season a bit longer

Now I love Christmas, but what I love is the spending time with family, the traditions, the trees, lights. But now that’s all different now as my family doesn’t really live in this area any more.

And I don’t like all the commercialism that’s placed on people.

So as we go full speed ahead to the holidays and into a new year…..

Please take some time to stop say a prayer and give thanks for all we  do have


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Holding Onto Joy In The Midst Of Suffering

For many of us, life is hard. Our daily circumstances seem to conspire to try to rob us of our happiness and more importantly our joy our inner joy.

Maybe you’re stuck in a job that you do not like and doesn’t pay enough to cover your bills or maybe your unemployed or on disability.

Maybe your facing health issues that drain you both physically and mentally daily, maybe you’re struggling with a health problem that makes it difficult to do even the most basic everyday activities.

Maybe you’re in a difficult marriage or have a strained relationship with a family member.

Maybe you’re just trying to follow Jesus, but the people around you tease you and make fun of you for being a Christian. Or even for believing in God.

In the midst of all this negative reality experiencing a constant, deep, and long lasting joy can seem often impossible.

You may even feel unworthy of Gods joy because your not perfect and have done things displeasing to God. We all would fit in that category. But God Loves us as we are flaws and all. He doesn’t expect perfection he just wants us to love him as he loves us.

The bible repeatedly talks about experiencing a kind of joy that transcends all our circumstances.

Jesus told his disciples that he wanted them to experience the fullness of his joy in their lives John 14:11

The apostle Paul calls believers to “Rejoice always” 1 Thes 5:16

But how is that possible?

Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians that is saturated with joy. Even as he suffered.

Sixteen times in just four chapters Paul uses words like rejoice or joy to describe what our state of mind or general attitude should be as Christians.

And he writes this letter in the midst of his own difficult circumstances and suffering .

He was under house arrest in Rome, living in an apartment chained to a different soldier every few hours. Then on top of this he had a three year prison sentence.

So by the time he wrote to the Philippians, he had been in Roman custody for several years. Yet rather than allow his circumstances to drive him to despair, he experienced deep joy and pleaded with the Philippians to share in his joy.

Are you the same person when your going through good times as in bad?

Are you the same when your going through difficulties, disappointments illness or pain is your conduct the same? Is your attitude the same?

Is the pain , suffering or distress seen all over your face?

Do you find yourself less friendly?

How’s your temperament?

Are you appearing to be a different person?

Are you less kind?

Do you let hard-times get you down?

Do you tend to also bring others down?

Are you less friendly always seeing the negative vs looking for the positive?

Are you only happy when everything is going your way?

Are you the same person sick as when you are well?

You say you trust Jesus but do you really? You say your a believer but are you honestly?

Are you struggling in hard times, How does sorrow or illness or physical or emotional pain cause you to respond?

Are you wiped out?

Feel like throwing in the towel?

Are you the same when things go right as when things go wrong?

What happened to your faith?

It’s it these times you need to hold on to it more than ever

What happened to your relationship with Jesus?

That relationship doesn’t change.

Maybe you just don’t know the difference between happiness and joy.

Look at

Philippians 4:1-4

We are to stand firm in the lord.

Rejoice in the Lord always !

Many people sometimes have all the reason in the world to be unhappy but are not.

There are people struggling with pain every single day, day in day out pain,people struggling with and illness fighting every day to survive and live one more day.

We have to understand there is a difference in joy and happiness.

Sure we’re not happy about our situation but we need to remain joyous in the Lord and in our heart. As he will see us through.

When we are struggling we need to stop being so critical of others and judge-mental.

Stop nit picking-and finding fault in what others do. Be grateful they are in your life.

Be grateful for what God has done for you, tell the world how good God has been to you.

See the glass half full vs half empty.

You know when Paul wrote that verse above and Phillipians he had all the reason to be upset and bitter.

He was in a prison, probably tortured and thought he’d be put to death.

But instead of losing himself in the negative he held on to his faith more than ever.

He told everyone how good the Lord was to him.

Read Philippians 4:1-4 again

It says live in harmony, stand firm in the Lord and rejoice in him always. Not when things are smooth and all is perfect but always. In the good and not so good times.

Somehow in those conditions he writes about being joyous in the Lord.

See Paul knew just how to handle his situation he was joyful he had triumphant joy!

He knew no matter what the Lord was with him .

He was not allowing his faith to be shaken. If anything he became stronger.

What will it take for you to have joy in your life?

How are you handling your situation?

Joy is what lives within us. It gets us through the hard times. Joy depends on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Happiness depends on our circumstances , what you have, what has you.

There is a huge difference in joy and happiness.

To me Joy is that feeling I get knowing no matter what I am going through I have God by my side, It’s unchanging. Never shaken. Joy is a – God – feeling.

Happiness is what I feel if I would get a raise, or my circumstances. Happiness is lighthearted feeling. Happy when I see family.

Most of the times we allow circumstances to determine our feelings , our mood, if we’re happy or sad ,mad or glad nice to be around or just a downer.

But we have to stop that.

We have to stand and rely on our faith more than ever especially in hard times. When we have faith sealed we know that no matter what happens to us in our life what ever we face we have joy and contentment.

Don’t be trapped by your circumstances.

If you look Paul never said he was unhappy, he was accepting and chose to be content in prison sharing the word of God and rejoicing in the Lord. He didn’t dwell on the fact he was locked in a prison cell.

He had unshakable faith and joy.

Have you seen people who get all squirmy in hard times?

Yet some people can go through many more hard times and be unshakable.?

The difference is when things get tough the unshakable go to prayer and thank God in the good and in the hard times.

This is when we grow. This is when we have to rely on our faith and the foundation of our life.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love joy peace goodness kindness and it’s overflowing.

Many think God has left them in hard times. He hasn’t , he is right where he always been-you just have to thank him the same in the hard times as well as the good.

Stop dwelling on the negativity in your life and get back to thanking God for all you do have.

And you will be triumphant.

Your happiness may change based on your family friends circumstances in life illness,a new job, a new outfit.

Your Joy will remain the same because our relationship with God is the same. He hasn’t left us we have forgotten him by dwelling on our circumstances.

Look now at

1 Peter 1:3-8 he also suffered yet kept strong in faith and joy.

1 Peter 1:7 your faith is more precious than gold.

Do you have Joy?

Do you have a relationship with the Lord?

I do ! I know God changed me years ago and I know no matter what I face his love for me is the same and my love for him is the change.

If you would like to have a relationship with the Lord


Jesus I want to have a relationship with you , come into my heart and guide me through the hard times as well as the good . I want you as my lord and savior.

Forgive me of my sins and help me to be better.

If you said this prayer you are now born again.

Seek out a good bible based church.And start reading the word of god. Go into nature look at the wonders God created you can always feel his love when in nature . For me I get a peace a calmness as I look in awe at the amazing world we have. The trees, the sun, sky , clouds,flowers.

Listen to your footsteps as you walk or if in a wheelchair listen to the air.

If you are blind hear the beauty if your deaf see the beauty if you are both feel the beauty. It’s all around us. Feel the joy of the presence of God in our life.

May you have a blessed and joyous day.

photo take by me @ Millcreek Park at Newport Lake.

October 2018

There are 2 Ministers I just love to listen to

Rev.Charles Stanley


Rev. David Jeremiah

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My Cancer Scare

So as you know if you read my blog I have had over a decade of ups and downs with my hypothyroidism and i finally insisted on a test for Hashimoto Disease a few months ago.

It was positive so all this time I had autoimmune issues and no one listened to me in the medical field.

I had to insist on the test or told them they would be fired.

But I also felt this odd feeling as if someone had their thumb on my throat.

So my Endocrinologist did do an ultrasound of thyroid no enlargement or nodules Thank God.

He suggested I see an ENT

( ear, nose and throat)

Being sick of going to doctor after doctors for bones, for thyroid, then pcp, I put it off a month or 3 and finally I called an made an appointment.

16 August 2018 was my appointment

Well it was a hell of a visit.


Elton John – Dont let the sun go down on me -live


He is a great guy this ENT Doctor.

Got the scope through the nose and down the throat.

First I found out I had some reflux happening that I didn’t know I had. Which could be causing that feeling in my throat.

So I’m told he’ll write me a rx for Zantac at night and Prilosec in the morning.🙄

Oh yea ….. another 2 pills to take along with the other 3.


I hate pills

The more I try to get off of them the more I end up with.

At least for now anyway.

But most importantly I was also told that he felt he needed to do a biopsy on my nasopharyngeal area asap.  He found a mass and it needed checked out ASAP


I don’t need this nor want to deal with anything else right now I thought. Because my bones are killing me right now.

So he pointed out where was the area of concern, and I agree it needs looked into. Of course he asked was I a smoker

No …… but a former smoker for 40 years.

He explained that I have a fairly large mass and they need to check it out to rule out cancer….. Check for Cancer that’s what I heard. And I am not sure if I heard anything else.

So I said well let’s do this and get one scheduled . I was scheduled for biopsy 23 August 2018 .

I went home what a long drive home it felt twice as long , so because I am a patient advocate and leader I had to do my research and everything I found about nasopharyngeal masses were about malignant cancer . Nothing about benign which scared me to death.

So right then I stopped and I prayed.

I asked God to please make this benign or a mistake. I knew he could determine my outcome and I refused to worry about it anymore .

I am going to be running toward the potential problem head on with God by my side. I am going to be like David and Goliath.

I’m David ….The Mass is My Goliath

I prayed to God and I gave it to him. I am trusting God will heal it or allow me to deal with what ever it is with grace and peace.

I refused to worry about something that I didn’t know the outcome.

And I wasn’t going to let a biopsy ruin the next 2-3 weeks of my life because I was told I would have to wait on pathology and then see my doctor.

So I vowed to God I would give to give it to him and let it go.

23 August 2018

I had my biopsy and the worst part was the tube in my throat to assist in breathing, after the removal it felt like someone poured gasoline in my throat. And it remained like that for almost 2 weeks.

After the biopsy the hospital told me I would see my ENT Doctor In a couple weeks to go over the results.

2 -3 weeks


Ok Still allowing God to be in control and not to worry.

My husband and I drive home and god bless him he looks more nervous than I feel.

We talked and I told him that what ever the outcome, it will be ok.

But let’s not stress over something that we don’t know about and let’s go about our lives.

I was always good under pressure.

But I am tired , I am tired of the struggle that seems to be something new every day.

Thank God I have my faith.

That keeps me grounded and at peace and even in times of struggle and pain I know God will never leave me.

But I won’t lie , I was hoping the results come in quick not in 2 weeks and I hope I can stay calm and not freak out waiting for the results.

Ya know I have always felt if it’s my time to go ok, of course I don’t want to go anywhere , I have things I want to do and places I want to see but if it’s my time I am not afraid.

I told my daughter about the biopsy and I also told granddaughter but I didn’t want to worry my granddaughter so I made light of it just so she would not worry about me .

And I made sure I told her because even though she is 19 ,I wanted to be the person telling her. And I will tell her when the results are in.

God bless her I have the best granddaughter on the planet we text every day and face time as often as we can.

I am so blessed to have her in my life.

How many people can say they talk to their granddaughter who is in college and works daily, text multiple times daily.

She is awesome and she is my main reason to fight like hell if my outcome wasn’t so good.

Her and I have places to see many lunches to have together. And we’re planning on going fishing just her and I.

My husband told his mom and sister.

Thankfully I have a few women friends in my life that I can tell anything to.

I am blessed to have them and what’s crazy is none of us live in the same city.

But we are always there for each other.

I didn’t tell others in my family because my cousins already had their own issues to deal with.

And honestly some people in my family could care less. You know the kind who are nice to your face then talk about you as your walking out the door.

My sister in law and mother in law asked my husband almost daily did I hear anything. And the answer was no.

Well I got a bit concerned by August 29 as I never heard anything yet. Surely if it was cancer they’d call me …..right?

So I called the doctors office and they said it was sent to an oncology lab in Tennessee to verify results.

For a moment my heart sunk.

So I called the hospital and asked for a copy of my medical records.

They said sure come pick them up anytime.

So 30 August 2018 I did just that. Got in the car talked to God on my way there.




Sang my song as best as I could and as loud as I could and arrived at the hospital

Went in got the paper work.

But I sealed the envelope and told god I will open it when I feel the need to.

Or wait until my appointment 05 September 2018.

In between all this my 1st cousin who I always called uncle passed away.

And a couple of my 2nd cousins have their own health issues. Plus it was their dad that was ill also so I wasn’t going to talk about it with them. I was concerned for my cousins, I know what it’s like to worry about losing your dad.

So I have to remain calm.

Saturday Sept 1 my family member passed away.

And the funeral was going to be the same day I am to get results.

So do I cancel and reschedule?

No this is important

So I go to the doctors office and wait for it to open so I can be seen 1st.

Thankfully I got in 1st.

Seemed like a long wait.

Finally the doctor comes in


Thank you Jesus.

I felt this huge relief just lift off me.

The doctor said he doesn’t usually see mars like mine that end up being benign so it’s pretty rare.

I am so grateful.

And I give all the glory to God.

And all those that did know and prayed for me thank you.

I love you.


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~My Tools For Life~

Tools for Life

Living by Faith When Your Body Hurts or When You Are Stressed To The Max

When we have chronic stress it can bring on chronic illness and also make our pain worse.

The pain people feel with chronic conditions or chronic pain can make us feel isolated and sometimes helpless, especially if its cause is an illness or physical condition for which there’s no cure or really any effective medical treatment. Chronic stress also can be debilitating.

It seems that in times of despair, that’s when we have to keep finding ways to nurture our spirit, to help us not only cope with the pain, and worry but also discover moments of peace and at times grace so it can allow us to move us through and beyond the helplessness and hopelessness we may feel.

Here are a few life tools that can help you get started toward more peace in spite of and in the midst of pain , worry and stress.

1. We have to just breathe

The act of breathing is not only a physical process, but it can also be a tool to cope with pain and worry .

Go to a quiet place, breathe in slowly and deeply, then let the breath out, expelling stress and pain with it. You will feel the sharpness of the pain start to subside as relaxation and calmness move in its place.

I have used this for physical pain, emotional pain. I do this as I pray.

I give it all to God .

I do think for a few breaths in and out and then I just sit in quiet and thank God for helping me , removing any pain or worry I may have.

2. Place some music

Put on your favorite piece of music – instrumental or vocal – sit back, and close your eyes. Let the music carry you away from your immediate pain to a place of calm.

3. Take a walk or go out into nature

Pain can be son isolating and make us feel alone. Enjoy the outdoors, a glance outside at a garden, a quiet moment surrounded by flowers or trees or ocean any of these things can renew our senses. It will make you see you are part of this big beautiful world God created. Be grateful.

4. Laugh more

When have you laughed your ass off? Has it been that long ago? Put in a good comedy. And it will release tension from your entire body.

5. Never give up or lose hope

Each day, there are new advances in medicine and in therapies to ease pain, inside and out. New cures are on the horizon.

In closing I don’t ever want you to pray and then as soon as your finished worry about it.

When you pray give it to God.

Allow him to work in your life.

Trust in him.

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The Power of Gratitude

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop The Coffee Shops at Ridgewood , I drink my coffee, look outside, and smile. I have so much to be thankful for.


Positive thoughts make us all feel good. Even the simple act of smiling or laughing when you need a little boost can work wonders.

Yet we are so negative and critical  with ourselves probably more than we realize. We complain constantly and always find something wrong with something. We say were grateful but are we really?



Pay attention to your words for 1 day and see if your more positive or negative in your words and thoughts….

You can always work on yourself -becoming more positive.

I find time every day to take a moment and practice gratitude.

Maybe things aren’t perfect in your life, but we have a lot to be grateful for, just look at that flower , or the sky and clouds, your children or grandchildren’s face puppy or kitten you.

Or if you’re in pain that cozy blanket or heating pad makes you feel better.

You woke up that’s something to be grateful for.

You could begin with one-sentence in a journal entry of something you’re thankful for each day, or you might take a moment before sleep to think of one good thing—no matter how small.

Wondering why this practice might make a difference in your day to day?

Here are a few reasons why.

It reduces anxiety and stress  : By  just slowing down and  looking for  the beauty in the world, you slow down the negative thoughts that can easily take over, especially when you’re in pain. Not only will you increase your positive feelings, but you now can reduce the negative ones .

Gratitude helps us slow down and enjoy the moment right now. When you take a moment to be grateful for that salad or peach, you’re more likely to pay attention to the way tastes. Taking a moment to savor the taste of a piece of fruit or dinner and to really take note of how delicious  it is and also realizing it is nourishing  your body.



We can so easily get lost in all negative thoughts and the end result  giving us more anxieties, we live and worry about far too many things a job, health ,the future, school  we have to stop that.  Joy comes when you allow joy in. I am not saying not to care about the above things, but stop thinking the worse and be grateful for the fact you have a job, you can go to school etc…