Domestic Violence and Covid19

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in domestic partners and families spending more time together at home. Not surprisingly, being in such close proximity for extended periods of time has resulted in higher stress levels. That raises a concern: Are people in the same households more likely to intimidate or physically hurt one another? If domestic... Continue Reading →

October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I am a survivor and advocate of Domestic Violence. I am so glad I lived and finally ended the cycle of violence. After I finally left my first husband for good, I went to counseling and attended a women’s dv support group to what I call deprogram my brain from all the negativity and abuse... Continue Reading →

Every 9 Seconds

Every 9 seconds, a woman in the U.S. is beaten or assaulted by a current or ex-significant other. There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period. That means every day approximately 9,600 women are beaten or assaulted .3,504,000 a year. Here’s another shocking statistic: the number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq... Continue Reading →

No Means No

Even long before the Cosby-ORiley-Weinstein scandals there was sexual misconduct harassment and unwanted fondling and sexual assault against women and men in the workplace. I’m glad we’re finally talking about it and doing something about it. But really what the hell took so long? The Weinstein scandal has sparked a national conversation about sexual misconduct... Continue Reading →

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