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Knowing a Loving God

To some the greatest question in life is , does God really exist?

To me my greatest question is do I know him and do enough to show thanks to my God for all he has done for me. Any all the blessings I have had in my life.

To me it’s the greatest subject ever and I love, learning about him , learning and understanding the word. I could listen to a good teacher / preacher talk about God and discuss the Bible all day.

Putting the teachings into my daily life has something I have tried  and worked on my entire life.  Of course I didn’t always do what was right, or when I thought I was doing right maybe I wasn’t.

I can honestly say I never hurt anyone intentionally. But still their are people that I have hurt in my life.

Sometimes what you think is the right thing at the time may not be.

But hopefully we learn from it.

I have come so far that I feel that God really does have my back and will never leave me. I didn’t always feel that way.

My first marriage was abusive and I questioned God often.

But I know it wasn’t his fault that I made the wrong choice. But thank God he stood by me and I survived it. And God was with me in 1985 when a doctor gave me the wrong medication and I was outside on a beautiful spring day and ended up with 2nd degree burns on a lot of my body.

I could have died, but I didn’t. Yes I suffered but I lived and with very faint scaring.

God was with me when I was pregnant with my daughter and was hit and kicked in the back and stomach.

Thankfully she lived and is healthy.

I had a terrible pregnancy so deathly sick every day with morning sickness for months and months. But I made it.

Many years ago I was taught that God is good and will never leave you , but when you are faced with trouble , grief, pain, despair , illness, temptation it challenges our faith.

And often we say we believe then in the next breath question or doubt him. I was this way off and on until I woke up one day. I felt the power of God many times in me and working in my life.

It seems like some blame God for being ill, or that he is punishing them. See this is not the God I know.

My God is always there. When I am sick I find strength in him.

When I am sad , he gives me hope.

When I am stressed he gives me peace.

I learned to trust in God as he will never let me down.

Knowing a Loving God- is getting in the word –reading it-learning it- believing it-

John 3:16 New International Version (NIV) this means John Chapter3 verse 16= John3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

All love comes from God.

He doesn’t expect us to be or live perfect. He never asks to get rid of your baggage before accepting us.

So if you’re a married man or woman ,divorced or single, the lonely, the poor the rich, the  adult or child ,student or in the workforce or non-believer he loves you. If your ill he loves you, if your dying he loves you,  if you’re a drunk or drug addict he loves you, a criminal he loves you. Understand he loves you just as you are  , right where you are. Nothing can or will change that ever.

When you call on him he won’t say…..well Debbie you didn’t make it to church 2 weeks in a row so no I won’t help you or be there. Or Deb remember how you were 35-40 years ago? Well have you really changed? You didn’t always do what was best…you thought you did but you were wrong so I probavle shouldn’t help you right now.

Or If a criminal or addict calls on him he won’t say well look at you call on me when you get yourself together.

He won’t tell the homeless man or woman call on me when you clean yourself up.

He won’t tell the mentally ill person wow off your meds again? Call on me when you get it together if you can get it together

God wants you right now , today and tomorrow ,just as you are right where you are and just as you are period. God loves us to much too ever leave us.

And when we talk to him he transforms us with grace and shows us the person we are , not the one we think we are. Even if we backslid he is there for us .

That is what John 3:16 means to me


But if we look at this is the Gospel the gospel come from the word EUANGELION

And in that word is Angel which means messenger

So the Gospel actually means ”The Good Message”

John 3:16


  1. The surpassing quality of Gods love – For God So loved the world the focus word is So its all the agonies, all the merci, it’s the truth that makes the devil tremble. So is the biggest little word.
  1. To prove the love – look at Luke 23:43

Luke 23:43 New International Version (NIV)

43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”                     God gave his only begotten son for us- he was sent here to die for us-  just think about that .

In john 3:16 it also says whoever and that means everyone…..


  1. The special promise of God’s Love – Look at  Romans 10:9 New International Version (NIV)

9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. This means if we will not parish- no fear from death. I know a few people that are so afraid of dying. When you believe you are freed from being afraif of death or you should be . Some people go through life afraid of death. Hey I don’t want to die but I am not afraid of it.

Because I am saved by the grace of God.

You need to receive God’s gift of eternal life from our Lord. You see the word death in the Bible doesn’t mean the end- it means separation. So everyone you know will either eternally be in the presence of God or live in the absence of God.. When we die our spirit is separated from the body and the spirit goes to be with the Lord. You only get to go with God if you believe. So make the decision to receive that gift today right now.

Now should not perish means –it doesn’t mean to be annihilated.

2 Corinthians 5:8 New International Version (NIV)

8 We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.


So all this is in one area of the Bible … I said I love learning and understanding the Bible.

And I wanted to share this with you .


If you want to know God and have him work in your life

We have to choose him and enjoy everlasting life please say this prayer with me.


Dear God, I admit I’ve sinned and fallen short of your glory.  I realize the penalty for my sin is death, and I believe it was paid by the blood of your only son Jesus Christ.  I’m willing to repent of my sins, and I now confess Christ as my Savior and make Him the Lord of my life. Lead me to understand your word and be with me always . Thank You Lord  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


If you have just said that prayer you have become saved – born again and welcome to the family. May I suggest that you reach out to a good bible based church , if you have the ability to get a bible start to read it. God Bless You


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Teaching The Next Generation

Teaching The Next Generation

It seems like we are becoming less and less social, we have far lower standards and our lack of morals, and self respect, living in a selfish and self gratification world.

Not everyone of course but so many adults ,young adults and children have allowed God to fall out of their vocabulary.

Just look at the states of our nation today, what do you see?

It’s been a crap shoot for at least 2-3 decades and as time goes on it appears to become more and more of an ungodly world.

The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Ps. 33:12), but this is not a popular belief in our society.

I see grown adults that were in church fist fighting at children’s baseball games swearing at refs.

I see adults and young adults and children have the “hell with you attitude “.

They want to do what they want, say what they want, live how they want with no respect for anyone, no respect for parents , family, or fellowman ir in many cases no respect for themselves.

I have seen this happening for the past 30 years

Some people feel the world owes them something when others feel they are not worthy of anything.

I personally think this all stems from when the Supreme Court ruled to remove prayer in schools. I believe that was back in the 60s.

Do you know even many colleges don’t even offer religion/theology studies.

So if you or a family member did want to pursue a life in ministry good luck finding them a school close to home that will offer it.

Sadly adults are setting a poor example of godliness and living a Christian life to our children.

But they seem to be scholars at showing how not to be a Christian.

Im 55 and have noticed that more and more people don’t talk about God , Jesus or the Bible.

Actually to be honest people hardly talk at all. You see people trying to connect on social media yet they can’t or won’t shut their phone off at a family dinner table.

It’s not just the kids , the parents are leading the way.

They are to busy on their cell phones to really have a normal conversation.

So we now have a society that has lost how to communicate to have a conversation with a real human being.

And I feel we removed the moral fiber — that moral emphasis – this is what is the the result.”

Since 1963, said there have been five negative developments in the nation’s public schools:

• Academic achievement has plummeted, including SAT scores.

• Increased rate of out-of-wedlock births

• Increase in illegal drug use

• Increase in juvenile crime

• Deterioration of behavior in school and respect for family and people in general.

We cannot expect our youth to be obeying God word when many adults show them they don’t have to.

It’s our responsibility to train and teach them Gods word and to obey it.

I am not saying we have to be perfect we’re humans we will never be perfect. We are flawed and make mistakes , but we need to start getting more people back to God.

Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I have all the answers.

I have had my share of heartache pain and poor choices.

And just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean I won’t struggle or go through trying times.

But what I can tell you is being a Christian helps me do better, be better.

I don’t stress out over things that I would have in the past.

I know when I pray God hears me. I know that I cannot rush Gods will and plan for my life.

I know we need to reach people and teach them about God and that he really does have a plan for our life.

But if we don’t read the Bible get into a good church we may not hear what he is telling us.

Psalm 78:1-8

It is our divine responsibility to teach our children and future generations about God.

So they can be equipped to face life and understand they are a child of God.

And that they can learn the will of god for their lives.

It’s every generations responsibility, we can’t skip a generation

Listen carefully it’s very important

And our father’s have told us

Tell for the generations to come

We will not conceal them from the children .

Teach for their children

And then their children

Keep the commandments

Think about that ,way back long before Jesus was born it was written to teach about God.

They didn’t have the Bible like we do.

It was talked about parent to child. As God commands.

We know people who never open a Bible.

They don’t have time ,

Teach by instruction and example the truth of God’s word which results in a desire to walk obediently before God in power of the Holy Spirit.

You will tech by example whether u like it or not- how you act how u speak-no one can expect a person to be perfect in parenting we all screw up.

But it’s our responsibility to tech our children as commanded by the word of God.

Be consistent in what you say and what you do.

Don’t teach Gods word then show hate.

Don’t teach Gods word then be critical and hurtful to others.

Don’t teach Gods words and yet never follow them yourself.

Because you will teach also by your example than you realize.

I have a testimony and you have a testimony.

We have had ups and downs and have gone through many things in our life. And God has brought us through it all.

It is our responsibility to teach

If you were a drunk or drug addict and turned your life around by the grace of God you are to tell your testimony to help your children and others

If you were abused it’s up to you to teach your children

Don’t let professors others teach your children about the word of God, you be the instructor.

There are things in my life and your life

We are to teach them to obey the word of god

If you have been saved by the grace of god you have a testimony and he has lifted you through all problems

That is your message

You have a story to tell

And the Bible says we must teach it to our children

Especially today

There are so many things that can trip us up.






We have generations of people that’s to our slacking in the word of God they don’t believe or you haven’t sat down and asked them

Where are you in your Christian Life?

What do you believe?

Shocking you will find some not interested, doesn’t believe, or have never been taught the word of God.

Today we have to be diligent in teaching the word of God.

We have a generation today not all but a lot who know god ,don’t want to know god , they don’t know the word of god, don’t make time to learn and we have a Godless gap now by what we created.

We created and taught them to be anti god anti scripture we are setting them up for a life of turmoil.Because we didn’t teach them the word of God.

When we need to cover our children in the word of God is like a buffer of protection.

We teach them right from word, raise to be strong in Gods word.

call on God , read your Bible daily. If we don’t do this they won’t be able to determine right from wrong if we don’t teach them about God.

There are many things in this word that’s evil just waiting to grip our society.

I feel if we diligently teach about gods word they will be more grounded than if they never had been taught about God.

This way if they leave home they will covered and grounded to learn to stand on their faith vs looking for comfort elsewhere.

Parents grandparents must start stepping up.

Talk to your children – grandchildren everything that is true come from s God.

Things that are not biblical are not.

Start with genesis 1:1

We have a society that sadly is more interested in self gratification

You live your children

You buy them clothes -food -car

Do you love them enough to deal with them in their spiritual life?

You know

The creator of all things

Then talk about Jesus

How our sins are forgiven

Crucified Died and Risen

You know enough to get people saved. And to save their life.

But have you shared all this with our kids? Grandkids?

Start now

It’s a line of truth that should never be broken

Ask your child what they believe

If you don’t you not fulfilling the commandments set for you by god. And we are allowing our children to self destruct.

Psalm 78:4

Tell it like it is

Share gods word

God lives in us all and as a believer god will lead you.

Just open your Bible and see for yourself.

God leads me everyday to a verse to help me in my life.

Ask Hod to speak to you.

I promise you he will.

He will be clear

I learned the most going through pain, trouble, difficulty, hardships , loss and instead of turning to things I turned to the word of God.

Share what God has taught you. There are many around you tired depressed weary ready to give up.

Teach your children and grandchildren and teach others

It’s what God commanded.

If you need Jesus



I am a sinner and I have sinned I ask you to please come into my life , forgive me and teach me your word.

Once you say this you are forgiven

and get into the word of God , find a good bible based church.

May you all have a blessed day.

Psalm 25:4

Psalm 16:11

1 Peter 4:7

Mathew 6:33

James 1:5

Hames 4:7

Deuteronomy 31:8

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Galatians 5:21

1 Corinthians 5:11

Psalm 40: 1-3

Philippians. 4 :6

Psalm 34:4

2 Timothy 3:1-5