Happy DNA Day

    Potato Plum Dumplings - Knedle sa Sljivama INGREDIENTS Makes 8-10 2            large potatoes, boiled then peeled 1            tablespoon butter 1            egg 1/4        teaspoon salt 1-1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 8-10      ripe Italian prune plums, pitted 1/3        cup vegetable oil 1/3        cup plain bread crumbs 1            cup sugar 1            teaspoon cinnamon Sour cream (optional)... Continue Reading →

I Love History and I Did Ancestry DNA

I love history and I have been researching both sides of my family tree.  I found some interesting information from my fathers side.  Some information I have found. And I cannot wait to see what else I uncover. I may start a geneology blog so I can keep all that information in one area.  Any... Continue Reading →

Ancestry DNA

So because a have a couple of  mysteries in my family. And just the love of history I have , I  decided to do an Ancestry DNA  I got the test in November 2016 and did nothing with it until February-March 2017 Well I finally took test and results are coming in. Family Mysteries  Who... Continue Reading →

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