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Love Your Heart

Happy Valentines Day

Love your heart these numbers you should know for a healthy heart and less inflammation in your body.

Everyone must know


Waist size

Blood pressure


Blood sugar

Healthy weight is crucial heart disease is number one killer of men and woman.

know your BMI

Body mass index (BMI) is the recommended method for diagnosing overweight and obesity. It evaluates the relationship between body weight and height. While BMI is not a direct measure of excess body fat, it expresses the weight-height relationship and provides a more accurate measure than body weight alone.

Control these 5 numbers and you can lower your chances of getting heart disease, by 60 percent

Your waist size is very important it should not be more than half of your height in inches.

Example. If your 66 inches tall you should not have a 40 inch waist. It should be no more than 33.

It’s a key to predicting heart disease.

For men

For women

When waist is to large you develop metabolic syndrome

You will have to much fat around your vital organs

If you lose just 10 -15 percent of your weight if your overweight you lower your risk significantly

Blood pressure it’s called the silent killer for a reason. Put down the salt, eat fruit and veggies

When determining risk factors for stroke and heart disease, high blood pressure is number one. Also referred to as hypertension, this condition results in elevated blood pressure within your arteries. Although many individuals simply take medications to control their blood pressure, you can actively work towards lowering your readings, resulting in a healthier future.

Your diet is a large contributing factor, as unhealthy processed foods will make matters worse. When you consume a balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins, you will notice a reduction in your blood pressure. Sodium should be reduced, as even a small reduction can improve your blood pressure levels.

Potassium can actually lessen the effects of sodium, so focus on consuming more bananas, dark leafy greens, yogurt, fish, mushrooms, and avocados. As mentioned, avoid processed and fast foods, and when it comes to adding salt, develop new habits. Instead of reaching for the salt shaker, experiment with fresh herbs, spices and citrus juice instead.

Eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies limit or eliminate the red meat.

For Valentine’s Day Skip the red meat.

Eat some healthy fish like cod-salmon-crab- any shell fish

Having a dish of veggies as our main course we will have some cod.

I wish we liked salmon but maybe it’s just because we haven’t had the “perfect “ recipe

I know I like my grandmothers salmon patties but not just salmon the cracker crumbs and butter….they were not the healthiest way salmon was cooked but they were delicious.

Salmon and cod both have an ample amount of essential nutrients. They both have a good amount of protein and are excellent sources of selenium, too.

Although salmon contains more saturated fats than cod, salmon has higher amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids compared to cod.

While crab meat is considered low in saturated fat, the presence of chromium helps increase the level of HDL in your body, and thus reduces the risk of strokes, coronary artery disease

In fact, crabs contain sterol, which restrict the absorption of other cholesterol thus cancelling out the harmful effects of other fats added .

All shell fish are also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.


Any red fruit or veggie is good for the heart ❤️

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Separation At The Boarder

I understand we need border protection and laws need to be enforced,but have we lost our sense of  decency , humanity and love and compassion for human beings in general?

The traumatic effects of this separation on these young children, which could be devastating and long-lasting.

Our government has the discretion in our laws to ensure that young children are not separated from their parents and exposed to irreparable harm and trauma.

Family is the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together. While protecting our borders is important, we can and must do better as a government,  a society, we need to find other ways to ensure they are safe  Separating babies , toddlers and or children from their mothers and fathers is not the answer and is immoral.Its also very cruel as you have many that may not even understand what your saying they are coming here for a better life, or escaping cruelty in their own home land ,they come here for many reasons yes illegally but instead of detaining them , separating them, lets  feed them and send them home. They don’t need prosecuted unless the are true criminals.

Teach them how to come here the correct way.

I also wish parents would also understand that attempting to gain access to the USA illegally raises the risk that you will lose your children , and that they will also put their kids first and either leave them behind with other family or don’t attempt to come here illegally.

I also feel that if the children are separated from their parents they should be able to know the child’s whereabouts at all times and the same goes for the parents.And the government knows at all times where both are.

It’s a form of emotional abuse of children , and can result in serious emotional and behavioral problems, including depression, lack of attachment or emotional bond to a parent or guardian, low cognitive ability, and educational achievement, and poor social skills.


There are ways to come to this country legally


For starters, you must meet certain qualifying requirements in order to apply for legal residency. You can’t just “want” to and follow through. USCIS provides a variety of categories that qualify people. The categories are VERY narrowly defined and exclude MOST people.

1.) If you qualify for an IMMEDIATE immigrant visa number.

2.) If your spouse or child is in the US.

3.) You are the fiancee of a US citizen.

4.) You have asylum in the US.

5.) You are a refugee.

You can also be sponsored by an employer if he/she can prove that your job can not be done by an American.

Please note that these categories have MANY exceptions. Thus, simply having a child in the US generally has a LOT of restrictions – which is often overlooked when arguing about anchor children. You can’t just have a kid here and become an immigrant. Instead, you’ll have to wait about 18 years before you can apply (or, more precisely, before your child can file a petition on your behalf).

You can’t also just come here and apply once you are in the country (there are some exceptions to this) because doing so is generally seen as immigration fraud because you entered as a tourist but had the intent to immigrate.


Far too often the trend in our society is for people to be separated from each other, to be cut off from the great mass of humanity, and in doing so to be dehumanized a little bit more with each step.

Glued to our cell phones when in a room full of people , and not “people ” I’m talking family, friends etc…Cars have taken us off the streets, where we used to greet each other and stop to chat.  We are becoming so detached that we are losing our sense of common decency for all people.


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama







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Father’s Day With Out My Father

This Sunday will be the 29th Father’s Day without my dad. He passed away in August 1988.

It seems like yesterday he was here , yet it also seems like an eternity.

Thus begging the tricky question of what to do on Father’s Day when you no longer have a father.

For some, I imagine that Father’s Day without a father is a reminder of the giant gaping hole in your life.

The display of Hallmark cards, the loads of emails of spam sales ads “Give Dad What He Really Wants!” and the heartrending TV ads of dads as our first loves and our heroes all feel like salt on wounds that have not healed, but have just been bandaged over.

My father might not be here physically, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the things that made him an amazing father; an amazing man. A great man.

When I was little, he told me I could be anything I wanted to be. And he meant it. When I was a teenager, he said you can be mouthy but I trust you Deb , you have a good head in your shoulders.

And he really meant it.

When I was struggling or lost, going through hell in my first marriage,he told me I already had all the answers, and to always pray about any major decisions . And he meant it.


He worked a ton of hours and wasn’t always there  because he worked 2 jobs.  But he was always present when I had a play, dinner, and us time, or he took me and my friends all over town skating, football games, baseball ,basketball no matter how tired he was. My mom didn’t drive.

We’d have father daughter day or night. We’d go to a YSU basketball game and he was happy spending time with his family.

Even after one of many open heart surgeries he still was a good , kind happy man.

He was a dad you could count on. My friends counted on him as well. Because some had drunken fathers, fathers to busy to be dad, or no father at all..

He was a giving man, he would help the poor, the sick, help anyone in family or a total stranger and I am proud I am like him in many ways.

He was a great grandfather to my daughter as well.  I mean Words just cant say how wonderful he was. She was the apple of his eye. His only grandchild.

He wasn’t rich , but I never wanted for anything. He made sure I had material things and most of all ,his love.

When he was going for cancer surgery on August 4 1988 the night before he wrote my mother a letter , and me a letter and my daughter a letter.  He always wanted us to know how much he loved us and how proud he was of us.

I was truly blessed to have such a great father.

I love him and I miss him everyday.

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven DAD

Give Mom A Kiss For Me

I Love You

Your picture’s are fading but I see you in my mind every day as clear as if you were were right here beside me.

I know your always with me.

And tomorrow I will visit your grave and give thanks that I was blessed with you as my father.

I wish everyone had a father as good as you were. The world would be a better place.