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My Avascular Necrosis Logo on Jamberry Nails

So all you ladies out there that love doing their nails and getting them done. I have worked with a couple amazing women from jamberry nails. And they have my permission to use my butterfly logo. Because I tried to get my designs all of them approved and they were denied . I was a bit happy and a bit pissed off at the same time. 

But am not going to blow up until I talk to main company.

Because it’s all about raising awareness!

Principal will come into play later. 

I have created the logo for your nails they helped me get it on Jamberry Nails decals.  

What I found strange was I submitted my logos myself and was denied  May 3 and May 12. 

But when I asked a rep to assist me they got it approved no problem. But on their site. 

I am happy that it’s available ,but I am still calling company to see why my logos were designed by me and yet a rep/team mgr was able to get them approved . 

I think it may have been a glitch. 

But non the less I submitted a ton of info proving I created them.

So I make zero $ from these 

But for now I am focusing on it being an awareness project but will be calling the company to all things straightened out.